Students traveling to Israel for a semester or longer should order their local Israel phones ahead of your trip. NES Mobile offers Israel phones and Israeli SIM cards with dependable network coverage, and a friendly English speaking customer service. Take advantage of our student EARLY BIRD SPECIALS! Order by July 31, 2016 and SAVE money. Free shipping is available in the USA, so you could have your Israel phone or SIM card prior to your departure.

Israel Phone UNLIMITED 4G Israel SIM Card Student Plan

  1. Israeli SIM Card - NES MobileUnlimited incoming calls from anywhere
  2. Unlimited incoming texts from anywhere
  3. Unlimited outbound calls to Israel
  4. Unlimited outbound calls to USA & Canada
  5. Unlimited outbound texts to Israel
  6. Unlimited Data – (speed slow down after reaching 6GB)
  7. OPTIONAL – Unlimited international Text – Add $5/month
$29.95 / MONTH + VAT  

Virtual USA Number – Early Bird Special Just $5/Month* SIGN UP NOW!

Israel Pocket WIFI  with UNLIMITED Data Student Plan

  1. Pocket Wifi Unlimited Data in IsraelPocket WiFi wireless router with UNLIMITED DATA – NOT SLOW DOWN AT ALL!!!
  2. Fast 4G/3G connection throughout Israel.
  3. Mobile WiFi hotspot connects to 5 devices at once.
$69.95 / MONTH + VAT
Early Bird Special ONLY $65/MONTH + VAT* SIGN UP NOW!

Israel SIM & Pocket WiFi COMBO Special SAVE $25 /Month

  1. Unlimited SIM CardPocket Wifi Unlimited Data in Israel4G LTE Network Israel SIM Card from NESMobile
  2. Unlimited international Text
  3. Virtual USA number
  4. Unlimited 4G Pocket WiFi

* See site for details: WWW.NESMOBILE.COM/STUDENT  Please enter promo code STUDENT16  in the NOTES section right under the Delivery information.

About NES Mobile

NES mobile is the leading provider of Israel phones and SIM cards. NES Mobile offers long term plans for students and other long-term visitors (no need for student IDs). We offer free shipping in the USA for SIM cards, Israel phones, and Pocket Wifis, so sign up with us today to get the best deals.

For international SIM cards, please visit PoloSim.