Israel Prepaid SIM Cards vs. Unlimited Israel SIM Plans. Which is the best plan for you? Some tourists prefer Israel prepaid SIM cards, AKA Pay As You Go (PAYG). These SIM cards are perceived by some to be cheaper when it comes to an extended visits to Israel. Yet, there are many unlimited Israeli SIM plans for extended visits that are far cheaper. Be sure to compare rates for the best Israeli SIM card plans for you.

Israel Prepaid Plans vs. Unlimited Israel SIM Plans:Israel prepaid SIM cards vs. Unlimited israel SIM cards from Nes Mobile

Israel Prepaid SIM cards are typically used by foreign labor workers who do not have access to a credit card. Brands like Talkman, Big Talk, and Talk & Go are popular Israel prepaid SIM brands. Cell operators & MVNOs such as Partner, Cellcom, Pelephone, HOT Mobile, Rami Levy, Golan Telecom, 012 Mobile or 019, often use resellers to sell prepaid SIMs.
  • Prepaid SIM cards usually cost around NIS 30-60 for the card alone.
  • The prepaid SIM usually comes without any account balance on it. Clients then needs to top-up extra funds to get data and call credit.
  • Prepaid SIMs are available in some cell phone kiosks in Israel. You may be able to buy Israeli prepaid SIM cards at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv (TLV) from some vending machines.
  • It’s well advised to check Israeli SIM plans in advance, as SIM cards at airports may be overpriced.

So plan ahead and get your Nes Mobile Israeli SIM card with free shipping in the USA before your trip to Israel!

Nes Mobile Israel SIM Cards  Other Prepaid Israel SIM Cards
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Calls to/from USA

Free SIM Card Included

Free Shipping in the USA
Virtual USA Number

English Language Customer service

Varies by Reseller

Accept USA Credit cards

Varies by Reseller

No risk of running out of account credit