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Israel SIM Cards Global Shipping

If you’re visiting Israel, check out our Israel SIM cards global shipping options. We’ll deliver your Israel Sim card prior to your departure. Nes Mobile now offers global shipping options to the USA, Israel and Europe. Order your SIM from the various Israel SIM card plans 10 days in advance of your trip and Get Free Shipping in the USA.

Israel SIM Cards Global Shipping Options

  • Fees are per shipment- Multiple SIMs or Devices in one shipment- would only be charged once
  • You may order USA delivery for both SIM cards and Pocket WiFi devices up to 2 business days prior to departure for your trip. If we cannot deliver it in time, we will cancel the order and refund your payment.

USA – SIM Card & Pocket WiFi

  • FREE Shipping: Order must be placed 10 days or more in advance of your departure and/or service start date.
  • FREE – Bergen County NJ: Pickup/drop-off — Order must be placed 4 days in advance on the site.
  • Ground Shipping Across the USA: 4-7 business days — $15
  • Rush Shipping: 1-3 business days — $25 (Most locations)

Israel – SIM Card & Pocket WiFi

  • Bet Shemesh: FREE office pickup
  • Tel Aviv: FREE Israeli SIM and portable hotspot Pickup
    • Israel SIM or hotspot order must be placed online at least one business day prior to pickup.
    • E.L.  Phone – located at 92 Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv.
    • Store hours: Sun-Thursday 9:30-14:00 & 16:00-19:30, Friday – 10:00-14:30. The store is closed on Saturdays and Holidays.
    • In order to guarantee the availability of an Israeli SIM card and portable hot spot  in the Tel Aviv location, please be sure to place your Israeli SIM order online in advance.
  • Tel Aviv Regular Delivery:$15 (Allow 3 business days for delivery)
  • Tel Aviv Rush Delivery: $25
  • Reg /Rush to most major cities in Israel: $35

EU – Israel SIM Cards Only (no pocket WiFi deliveries)

You may order delivery for EU member countries for SIM cards.

  • Regular Shipping: 4-10 business days — $15 (most locations)

Returning the Equipment

  • SIM cards do NOT have to be returned, you may keep them for future trips.
  • When returning equipment, please be sure to write your name clearly on the return package so we could credit you for the return of equipment.
  • You must return the pocket WiFi devices and charges in the country that you received it. If you received your device in the USA, please return it in the USA.  We recommend that you send your package by Priority Mail or a similar service which provides tracking information.
    • USA Return Info:
      • Please mark: NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED.
      • Bergenfield, NJ-    NES Mobile c/o Katz, 151 Wilbur Rd, Bergenfield, NJ 07621
    • Israel return Info:
      • Ben Gurion Airport Post Office Drop Off– FREE: As a convenience to you, you could drop the devices off at the Post Office at Ben Gurion airport for you to drop off your phone and other devices at the end of your rental. The post office is located at Ben Gurion Airport in Terminal 3, in “Ha’shchakim” Mall on the 3rd floor– right after check-in, before the doors for “ticketed passengers only”. Ask the Post Office representative for a prepaid NES Mobile registered envelope, and Insert the phone or other device in the envelope. Don’t forget to ask the Post Office representative for a tracking number, and please keep this number as proof of return. The Post Office is open Sunday – Thurs 7am- midnight, Friday 12:01 am -2:00pm, Saturdays and Jewish Holidays CLOSED. When the post office is closed, you may put the phone through the bars onto the post office floor (please make sure you push the envelope far enough that no one can grab the envelope) – Please be sure to put your devices in an envelope clearly marked NES MOBILE.
    • Bet Shemesh office- Please address to: 
      • NES Mobile, PO Box 90006, Bet Shemesh, 99190.
      • We recommend that you send your package by registered mail (“Doar Rashum”) for security and tracking information. Registered mail costs about 10 NIS, which you can pay at the post office.
  • If you received your device in Israel and did not return your phone in Israel prior to departure please do NOT send the device to Israel from abroad, please contact us for further instructions.
  • Returning the device in the wrong location will be subject to a fee of at least $25 in addition to the shipping costs.
  • Please return your equipment within a week from the end of your rental to avoid late fees.