Virtual USA Numbers on your Israel Phone or SIM Card

If you need a US number to be reached on (so your friends and family can call you on a local number)  you could get an additional virtual number for just $1/day for UNLIMITED incoming calls. Now you can also add a local phone number from USA or the UK, and have your family, friends, or business colleagues call you dialing a local USA or UK number. Travel all over Israel,  and your USA callers, can call you like you're right next door. 


NES Mobile can assign a number with a local USA or UK– directly on your Israeli NES Mobile cell number. 

Here is an example how it works:

Let's say that you live in the USA and you travel to Israel for vacation and rent an Israel Phone from NES Mobile. You automatically get an Israeli phone number in +972-52- area code that rings to your NES Mobile phone line.


However, you also get domestic USA area code number with UNLIMITED incoming calls on that USA number. Now you friends and family can call this USA phone number to reach you in Israel, and they don't  have to pay Intentional long distance charges. The virtual number will forward calls (not texts) dialed on your local number directly to your Israeli line.