Your unlimited Israel data plan just got a serious upgrade. Nes Mobile is now offering Unlimited data in Israel, including 50 GB of high speed 4G data.* Click here to see the Israel SIM card plans.

Forget about Verizon’s roaming fees with a daily data limit of just 512 MB…

Why pay $10 per day in roaming fees, and only get 512MB of data? Order your Israel SIM card from NES Mobile and Get 50 GB of 4G Data in Israel! Get 10X more data than for ½ the price with Nes Mobile – No Daily Limit!!!

Data in Israel – How much does it cost?

  • If you’re only in Israel for 10 days-  Get 50 GB of high-speed data + UNLIMITED Calls & Texts in Israel for just $4.95/day + VAT
  • If you’re in Israel for 30 days– Get 50 GB of high-speed data + UNLIMITED Calls & Texts in Israel for just $2.33/day + VAT

Get a price quote- Simply enter your dates and order, and see the total, prior to entering your credit card details.

Can I keep my USA number?

You will get a new Israeli cell phone number. However, you could order our Virtual USA number and forward the calls from your personal number, to the number we’ll give you and it will ring on your Israeli phone.

Enjoy Your Visit to Israel with No Hidden Fees

  • Nes Mobile does not charge any activation fees or insurance fees.
  • There is no need to return your SIM card at the end of the service period.
  • We offer FREE SIM Card delivery in the USA, when you order 10 days in advance of your service dates.
  • * Your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic after 50 GB/month.

Questions? Happy to help!

Feel free to see our FAQ page for more information or contact us.