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Why NES Mobile? No Hidden Fees... Great Service... Best Network CoverageWhy Should I Rent a Phone in Israel? Avoid roaming fees and save money.



Israel SIM cards of all sizes for all phone models - NES MobileIsrael SIM Card - For iPhones & Androids

Bring your iPhone or Android device with you and rent an Israel SIM card from NES Mobile to use during your vacation. The main advantage of renting an Israel SIM card for your smartphone is that you don’t have to learn how to use a new phone. All your apps, contacts and other information are already set up. All you have to do is slip in a new Israeli SIM card and you are good to go!   Learn More >

Israel MiFi - Pocket Wifi router in IsraelIsrael Mifi - Unlimited Internet in Israel

Need Internet while on vacation in Israel? An economical Wi-Fi alternative when traveling to Israel is to use NES Mobile’s mobile broadband solutions. Israel Mifi - Wifi pocket hotspot rentals & Israel Air-card rentals work everywhere in Israel. Fast speed with NO SLOWDOWN AT ALL!   Learn More >


Customer Testimonials


"...Thanks for the prompt response. This has been the best experience with phones in Israel yet - and we go back and forth frequently - and hope to continue using your service... " -- Daniel G., Teaneck, NJ

"...Thank you for the timely service and support during my rental of the Mi-Fi Hotspot that accompanied me everywhere during my visit to Israel. NESMobile delivered the device well before I started packing for the trip, and when I forgot where the pin was located, your quick reply reminded me where it was (imprinted on the inside of the case back – I’ll remember now) before the group left the Wi-Fi location used to send my service request. While the tour company assured us that Wi-Fi was available on the bus, and the ministry assured us the hotels in Israel provided Wi-Fi, my tour-mates were frequently without service on the bus, and the hotel service required a trip to a lower floor or help from the front desk to get connected. Those problems didn’t ever effect me! I carried the Mi-Fi in my shirt pocket and turned it on whenever there was a need to connect to the internet, and voila! Internet, fast and steady. I was able even to VPN to my private cloud server and check security at home! Amazing. At the hotels I just plugged it into power and left it on, sharing the PIN with my new friends. The service was everything you said it would be. So, NESMobile, “Next Year In Jerusalem!” God, willing, we’ll be doing business again. Very Best Regards..." -- Craig Cooper, California

"...Thank you for the great service. The MiFi & sim worked great throughout our vacation. I will certainly be happy to recommend your company to any friends planning to visit Israel. Once again - thank you..." -- YD, Australia

"...I recently travelled to Israel for a month on a hiking and biking trip and used NES Mobile cell service. They set me up with a very basic Nokia, no-frills phone. The service was reliable and customer service was accommodating in the delivery of the phone since I was on the move. most importantly, the battery held out well over long days hiking, biking and generally exploring remote areas. The convenient return box at Ben Gurion Airport in the Israeli Post Office was a major plus and quite convenient. I would definitely recommend NES mobile for anyone travelling..." -- VF, Seattle, WA

"I'm back in San Diego... Both the phone and the WiFI worked perfectly... and I must say the service I received from you guys was excellent... I will definitely tell my friends about you." -- Ruben F, San Diego, CA

"...The service was great and I will certainly recommend to others. Thanks . " -- Mitch Brody, Wetherstfield, CT

"... Thank you so much for the excellent service during the trip. The phone and MiFi proved very useful as some members of the group required a lot of contact with people back home due to emergencies. While we toured the Holy Land, our region in Illinois was devastated by tornadoes. Hundreds of families' homes in and around Washington, Illinois, were completely destroyed. Many suffered much damage—including some from our group—but our travellers found great comfort being able to stay in touch with neighbours, loved ones, and others reliably and easily. " -- Kirt Manuel, Director of Communications, Northwoods Community Church, Peoria, Illinois

"...your kindness and professionalism has made a loyal customer out of me. I will brag to all what a good company NesMobile is. Thank you so much.Shalom . " -- Janice P., Norwalk, CT

"... On our trip this summer we rented a phone and mifi from nesmobile. We have used other companies in the past, and will only use nesmobile from now on. They are by far and away the best value, the best service, the most helpful and the most reliable of any cell phone rental company we have worked with anywhere in the world. If you look through my reviews on Trip Advisor, you'll notice I only post when a company or hotel or restaurant is really good or really bad. This is a case where nesmobile is really, really good. I can't recommend them highly enough. " -- Trip Advisor comment- Adhilsd., California

"... By the way, your service was great and when I'm next in Israel, I'll plan to switch from IsraelPhones to NES Mobile. What a breath of fresh air. Happy (belated) new year " -- Jim S., Boston, MA

"...thank you for the NES Mobile phone that I rented last month. I just got my bill and wanted to pass along to you that I'm a converted renter and will definitely return as a customer. Great service and easy return. Greatly appreciate everything..." -- Simmie Chiger, NY

"...I am now back in Canada and wish to thank you for the telephone service. It worked well and I can highly recommend your services... I expected my journey in Israel to be nothing less than wonderful but in reality, it surpassed all expectations... Once again, thank you and as always, be well and be blessed..." -- Charlotte Silcoff, Montreal, Canada

"...We rented a phone and pocket wifi from NES Mobile. The items were delivered by our taxi pickup, which was very convenient and the mifi was great! Prices were good and the customer service was very responsive. Great service!" -- Stacy, Philadelphia, PA

"...If you want a full service company that will deliver the phone or sim card to your hotel or the airport etc, I highly recommend Nes Mobile. They are very big on customer service and they speak English..." -- Aaron Shaffier, Israeli Tour Guide

"...this company went above and beyond the call of duty on my recent trip to Israel and I have nothing but praise for Nesmobile... I was pleasantly surprised with the equipment and connectivity... FYI - when a company tells you that they will meet your group at the airport, at 3:45 a.m., to ensure that their product is delivered to your group - that's what I call outstanding service and can't thank them enough for a flawless process. Trust me (and my husband can attest to the following!), I am slightly crazy when it comes to organization, some say a good trait, others say not so much...but I loooove when things flow as they are supposed to! Kudos again to Nesmobile, Toda raba. I have no hesitation in recommending this professional company to all. I will definitely use them on my next trip to Israel - so should you!" -- Carrie B. Montreal Canada

"...Thank you very much for all your kind help yesterday – the clients received the phone and are very happy with it." -- Miriam B. Rask Travel, Tel Aviv

"Thank you again for your cell phone and mobile Internet service to our group while here in Israel...I look forward to our working together again in the future and I will surely pass on your information to friends who come to Israel. God bless you and your family..." -- David Grout, Senior Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church, Kentucky

"...Why do we recommend Nes Mobile? They are reliable, honest, competitively priced and always ready to go the extra mile for our clients, be it a middle-of-the-night delivery to the airport, or a phone replacement in the Golan Heights. Their customer service people are polite, friendly & helpful & the CEO takes a personal interest in resolving any issues that may arise..." -- Zev Jacobson, Director of Israel Maven, Tour Operator, Israel



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  • Save $20 – When you order 2 Lines – at least 2 weeks prior to your rental start date. Remember, you only need to pay for the days you’re in Israel, even if you get the SIM cards, Mifi devices or phone ahead of your trip.
  • Added Bonus – Save Another $10 for Each Additional Line
  • No need for coupon codes, just sign up for 2 lines at least 2 week in advance of the rental, and the discount will be automatically added to your account.


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