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Why NES Mobile? No Hidden Fees... Great Service... Best Network CoverageWhy Should I Rent a Phone in Israel? Avoid roaming fees and save money.



Israel SIM cards of all sizes for all phone models - NES MobileIsrael SIM Card - For iPhones & Androids

Bring your iPhone or Android device with you and rent an Israel SIM card on a 4G LTE network from NES Mobile to use during your vacation. The main advantage of renting an Israel SIM card for your smartphone is that you don’t have to learn how to use a new phone. All your apps, contacts and other information are already set up. All you have to do is slip in a new Israeli SIM card and you are good to go!   Learn More >

Israel WiFi - Pocket Wifi router in IsraelIsrael WiFi - Unlimited Internet in Israel

Need Internet while on vacation in Israel? An economical Israel Wi-Fi alternative when traveling to Israel is to use NES Mobile’s Pocket WiFi mobile hotspot With Unlimited Internet. The Israel Mifi - Wifi pocket hotspot rentals & Israel Air-card rentals work everywhere in Israel. Fast speed with NO SLOWDOWN AT ALL!   Learn More >

NES Mobile Early Bird Special - Order 2 Lines in Advance, Save $20!



Save $20 – When you order 2 Lines – at least 2 weeks prior to your rental start date. Remember, you only need to pay for the days you’re in Israel, even if you get the SIM cards, or Pocket WiFi devices or phone ahead of your trip. 


Added Bonus – Save Another $10 for Each Additional Line


No need for coupon codes - Just sign up for 2 lines at least 2 week in advance of the rental, and the discount will be automatically added to your account.


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OFFER VALID TILL June 30, 2016