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Yes, the Nes Mobile Israel SIM Card and the pocket wifi service will stop at the last day at midnight.

Last modified: May 29, 2018

The price for our pocket WiFi device really depends on the duration of your rental.

Our basic plan for short term rentals starts from $7.95/day.  We have a monthly cap of $150. This means that if you are visiting for more than 18 days, you will not pay extra for those days. The cap is per 30 days.

Our student plans (long term rentals) start from $69.95 per month with a minimum of 5 Months. This means that if you plan on being in Israel for more than 44 days, you are better off taking our student plan. Please contact us so we can adjust your account. PRE VAT (value added tax). Which means you must add 17% to the final price.

Our prices change from time to time – so we strongly recommend you see our latest prices online.

Please note that the prices we mention on our site are PRE VAT (value added tax). This means you must add 17% to the final price.

We offer special coupons and promotions from time to time. Please check to see if any discounts are avaialble. Coupons can be found HERE.

Our pocket WiFi plans are UNLIMITED on usage. This means that we do not have a cap on the amount of data you consume. We had already clients that downloaded 50Gb of data.


Last modified: September 1, 2017

VAT (Value Added Tax) is the equivalent of a sales tax in many countries. As of August 2017 Israeli VAT is 17%. VAT is added to all sales and services and is generally included in the price. In some cases tourists are exempt from VAT and in other cases, tourists to Israel need to apply for a VAT Refund.

Please Note: Israel SIM cards and phone rentals, are NOT exempt from VAT for tourists. Most companies providing such services tend to hide that in the fine print. However, NES Mobile, known for its integrity and quality service, clearly displays that you must add VAT to SIM and pocket wifi rentals.

More info –   find out which products and services are VAT exempt for tourists

Last modified: August 20, 2017


We charge you in advance for the service based on the plan you chose and the duration of your rental. Therefore please make sure you choose the exact dates you will be in Israel.

If you have any questions regarding your bill please email us: billing@nesmobile.com with your comments and questions.

We are extremely proud that our chargebacks can be counted on one hand! We work with our clients hand-in-hand to resolve any issues.

Last modified: July 4, 2017

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