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Israel VAT Refund for Tourists

VAT (Value Added Tax) is the equivalent of a sales tax in many countries. On October 2015, Israeli VAT was reduced to 17%. VAT is added.

Chanukah in Israel

What is there to do in Israel in the winter? If you are spending Chanukah in Israel, you will enjoy many of Israel’s indoor activities,.

Yom Haatzmaut 2013

Despite reports of rainy weather on Yom Haatzmaut 2013, Israelis are gearing up for Independence Day with videos, blog posts and opinion pieces. (Don’t worry,.

Ice City, Jerusalem

Take a Ride Around the World The weather hasn’t decided yet what season we’re in, but if you love winter wonderlands, Israel and fun, you’re.

Free Pesach Activities 2013

Bank HaPoalim sponsors free activities all around Israel every Pesach. They are continuing the tradition this year as well. Tourist Israel has translated the list.

Pesach in Israel

Pesach in Israel is special because the whole country is celebrating. Restaurants become kosher for Pesach, hotels are kashered and activities for children and adults.

Purim in Israel

This year, 2013, Purim falls out on Feb. 24. If you will be in Israel on that day, be prepared for a festive atmosphere in.