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We typically reply within one business day. Because of the time zone differences, email is more time efficient. 




In case of lost or stolen phone or SIM:
Please email and, in the subject line of the email,  write: Lost Phone.

In case of technical issues or service related questions, please consult our FAQ page. If you're still facing an issue, please email


Office Hours (Israel Time):


Sun-Thurs: 9 AM- 6 PM
We're closed Jewish/Israeli Holidays


Passover 5777 (2017) Scheudle:

Our offices will be closed on April 10-11 & April 17. During Chol Hamoed (April 12-16) we will have a limited scheule and we'll respond to urgent matters.


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NES Mobile Ltd.

POB 90006, Bet Shemesh 99190, Israel