Open unlimited WiFi in Israel is one of those little extravagances that can make touring more comfortable. Sadly, some hackers will attempt to utilize public WiFi to prey upon unsuspecting users. Here are some tips on what to pay special attention to when utilizing open WiFi.

Password Protected Pocket WiFi in Israel with TOTALLY UNLIMITED Data (for 5 simultaneous users)

NES Mobile’s Pocket WiFi Hotspot offers 3G/4G unlimited data services, that can connect up to 5 users at any given time. Unlike other providers that slow down the connection after a few Gigs, WiFi in Israel-NES MobileNES Mobile’s pocket WiFi in Israel offers a secure password protected device with truly unlimited data. Some customers actually used over 50 GB without experiencing any slowdown. For more info see: Students and other long-term Pocket WiFi Rentals, or the Tourists short-term plans Pocket WiFi Rentals.

Using an Israeli SIM as a Hotspot

Some people choose to use their Israeli SIM in their phone and then use it as a hotspot. It’s an excellent option for those who just need to use their cell phonesisrael-sim for Wifi in Israel, or possibly do some work in their hotel room later in the day.

If you’re planning on using your cell as a hotspot keep in mind:

  • Cell providers in Israel “throttle” the data (regulate and reduce the internet speed). Depending on the cell provider, web speed after utilization of a few GB will, most likely, dramatically, slow down.
  • If you’re using your cell phone as a hotspot, please note it will severely consume your battery, so be sure to stay connected to a power source while using your phone as a hotspot.

Beware of Using Open Free WiFi in Israel (or Anywhere Else for that Matter)

Free open WiFi permits users to interface with a hotspot which is open and free for all to utilize. Such open systems are frequently found in hotel lobbies, coffeehouses and some tour buses. Hacking into another device on an open free WiFi system is not that straightforward, but it’s pretty easy for a hacker to intercept your data if the right precautions are not taken. See some of the recommendations on how to better protect your device on public WiFi.

So Am I Protected if the Open Free WiFi Network is Password Protected?

NO… Utilizing a secret key on an open WiFi system will keep individuals who don’t have a network password from logging in, and it does mitigate the threat. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you’re shielded from other people who are associated with the same system and have the skill to hack into your device.

In conclusion:

  • Using an Israeli SIM for data is sufficient for those who are not heavy data users.
  • If you’re an above-average user of data, or you are coming on a trip with a few people, rent a mobile hotspot that is password protected and can work with 5 users simultaneously.
  • Avoid open WiFi networks.

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