Whether you visit Israel or other countries, people on vacation are always trying to get free WiFi. Unfortunately, some crooks will try to use it to their advantage and use the open public wireless networks to steal information from unsuspecting users. This global trend is affecting unsuspecting surfers across the world.

Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport, Departure Hall - Free Wifi
Picture Credit Vladislav Bezrukov – Flickr: Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport, Departure Hall

Free WiFi Open Networks

Free open WiFi allows users to connect to a hotspot which is open and free for all to use. Such open networks are often found in hotels, coffee shops and many other locations. Hacking into another computer on an open free WiFi network is not that easy. In all likelihood, the free wireless router is not under the control of someone with malicious intent and hacking expertise to manipulate it. Most wireless routers have a firewall, as well as password protection to limit those who can access it.

So Am I Protected if the Open Free WiFi Network is Password Protected?

Actually no… Using a password on an open free WiFi network will prevent those who do not have a password from accessing the network and does mitigate the risks. However, that doesn’t mean you’re protected from others who are connected to the same network and have the expertise to hack into your computer. With the right skills and know-how, it is remarkably easy to steal someone’s username and password, or see what they’re doing, just by being on the same network.

The Solutions:

Avoid Open WiFi Networks – Rent a MiFi

NES Mobile MiFi - Unlimited Internet Pocket Wifi
NES Mobile MiFi – Unlimited Internet Pocket Wifi

It’s actually easier than is sounds. There are other solutions out there one can use as an alternative. If you’re visiting Israel, NES Mobile’s MiFi device (AKA pocket WiFi) is a great alternative. The MiFi can provide unlimited and protected WiFi and data reception throughout Israel. If you are visiting friends and family, you can use their home or office network to stay connected. You can also simply rent a NES Mobile SIM cards and use your phone as a hot spot.

Visit Only Encrypted HTTPS Sites

If you’re still confined to using only an open free WiFi network, you can try to make use of HTTPS on an encrypted HTTP as much as possible. Using HTTPS encrypts the data traffic and keep it away from cyber offenders. Also be sure to enable SSL before using it for certain applications that require connection to the internet, such as Outlook. (If you didn’t understand this last paragraph, you are not alone… But you can ask any “techie” and they will explain…)

Enable Firewall and Restrict Sharing

Most laptops come with basic firewalls. Simply go into the settings to ensure that the firewall is indeed enabled and working. You may have settings enabling you to share files, printers or even allow remote logins from other computers on your home or office network. When you’re on a public open WiFi be sure to turn these sharing settings off to prevent sharing with unwanted strangers.

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