In recognition of the 4,000 buildings which were built between the 1920s and 1950s in Tel Aviv, UNESCO declared Tel Aviv to be a World Heritage Site. Since most of the buildings colors are white, gray, beige were, it gave Tel Aviv the nickname, “The White City”.

History of Tel Aviv

Bialik House in Tel Aviv
Bialik House in Tel Aviv

In 1909, approximately 60 families congregated on a sand dune next to Jaffa and decided to build a new city in Israel, to be named: Tel Aviv. Most of the buildings were built in a fusion of Oriental and European styles and during the 1920s, the city began to spread towards what is known as Rothschild Blvd.

Bauhaus Tel Aviv Style

Bike Share, Tel Aviv Israel-NES MobileMany local architects adopted the “Bauhaus” style but with a local twist. Generally, Bauhaus buildings are mostly square, with terraces, narrow long windows, flat roofs, smooth façades, and plain geometric shapes. The colors used mostly are white, gray, beige, or black. The interior design has open space floor plans, and the focus is functional.

Over time, a unique Tel Aviv style emerged from the European/German Bauhaus style mainly due to warm and sunny weather.  Windows sizes were increased to accommodate better air circulation and awnings were positioned above the large windows and pergolas built on the roofs to provide shade. However, the most noticeable change of all was the design of large balconies.

Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv, IsraelIt is recommended to start your stroll along Rothschild Blvd. and Herzl Street, where you can explore the various historical buildings. For more info about street tours, you can visit the Tel Aviv tourist info site:

Bike around Tel Aviv

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