If you are traveling to Israel, you should order a local Israel phone ahead of your trip. USA cell providers often charge high international roaming fees for calls and data. Furthermore, their local roaming partners may be operating a lower tier network with unpredictable cell coverage and slow data speed. NES Mobile Israel phone service provides robust and dependable network coverage in Israel, and a friendly customer service in English. Here are a few of the services that we offer students and tourists traveling in Israel:

Israel Phone and Israel SIM

Israel phone - Using an american phone in IsraelA tourist to Israel can either rent an Israel phone from NES Mobile, or simply bring an unlocked phone like an Android or an iPhone device and use an Israel SIM. The benefit of getting an Israel SIM card from NES Mobile is that you will enjoy the convenience of using your existing phone. You will retain all your contacts, information and apps. The only requirements for you to get an Israeli SIM card is that your cell phone should be unlocked and support GSM.

Israel Phone & SIM Cards Plans for Tourists & Students

Most tourists visit Israel stay for about 2-3 weeks, but students stay in Israel for a few months or years. NES Mobile student plan are ideal for those students who will stay for a longer period in Israel. There are several plans that suit different lengths of stay in Israel, thus everyone is covered.

Israel Pocket WiFi for Students

Students need a fast and reliable internet connection for their coursework research and studies. At NES Mobile, we understand that the importance of a fast and reliable internet service and that is why we provide a fast, reliable and UNLIMITED internet connection. We do NOT slow down the data speed after 5 GB or 10 GB…

Benefits of Using NES Mobile’s Israel Internet WiFi

Israel-pocket-wif-iMifi-Unlimited-Internet-NES-Mobile-compIt is fast and cheap, as you will only pay low daily or monthly charges for the unlimited internet service.
You can use the Israel pocket Wi-Fi in any place, not just in the dorm rooms, hostels or lecture rooms.
The hotspot provided by the NES mobile uses Cellcom’s network, the best cellular mobile operator in Israel.

Why is the Israel Pocket WiFi Offered by the NES Mobile the Best?

  • NES Mobile offers a hotspot that has unlimited and fast internet. Some providers choose to slow down the internet connection after an individual has used a maximum of five gigabytes, but with NES Mobile, you are sure to get high-speed and efficient internet service even with high data usage.
  • You can use the pocket Wi-Fi even when charging the device. Some providers’ hotspots do not work when charging the device, but NES Mobile Israel hotspot can work while being charged.
  • There are no hidden charges or deposits with NES mobile. We include the insurance fee as part of the price of the hotspot; thus, you just will pay exactly what is written in your quote and no more.
  • We offer free delivery in the USA. You ONLY pay for the days of service in Israel, even if you get it in advance. You also have a grace period of a week to return the device to us.

About NES Mobile

NES mobile is the leading Israel phone mobile provider in Israel. We provide different long term Israel phone, Israel SIM card and Israel Wi-Fi internet plans for students and other long term visitors (no need for student IDs). We dedicate ourselves to give the best service and that is the reason why our Israel SIM cards we are rated with a 4.8 stars in Amazon. We provide free shipping for all our merchandises, so sign up with us today to get the best deals.

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