The rate of covid19 infections in Israel is diminishing. As of today, Israel’s Independence Day, April 15th, 2021,  the number of new infections is less than 200 per day. Israelis are adjusting to a less restrictive reality. The Israeli government is gradually easing nationwide restrictions. In addition, the government also approved regulations to reinstate the Israeli economy following the coronavirus pandemic. 

Air Travel to Israel During Covid19

“It’s time Israel’s unique advantage as a safe and healthy country starts to assist” in the recuperation of Israel’s economy, says Israel’s tourism minister. It should be noted that PCR and antibody tests are still required to enter the country. As such a a controlled and restricted number of limited number of vaccinated tourists will be allowed to enter Israel in organized groups effective May 2021. While only groups will be allowed to visit at the early stages of the pilot, it’s expected that individual travelers will also be allowed in at a later stage. For the latest updates and regulations, please visit the Israel Ministry of Health’s covid 19 website

Nes Mobile Coronavirus Full Refund Policy

Nes Mobile offers a coronavirus FULL REFUND policy on Israel SIM card services. Simply Contact Us page to notify us of the cancellation.

  • Cancel at any time prior to the service start date and get a full refund for the service.
  • If the Israeli SIM card was already shipped to you, you will only be charged for the shipping. There’s no need to send back the SIM card. You may keep the SIM card for your next trip to Israel.
  • If you qualified for free shipping and cancel the service, we’ll refund you the full amount, less our cost of shipping of $7.50 + VAT. There’s no need to send back the SIM card.
  • For more information about our Covid19 refund policy.

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