You can be sure that reviewers— both tourists and Israelis alike— raving about the hot air balloon tours in Israel aren’t full of hot air. This is a great way to experience beautiful areas of the country from a new vantage point, and an awesome story to bring back home from your next trip to Israel.

Stay Afloat in Israel This Vacation

You might be able to occasionally spot hot air balloons at festivals in the Jerusalem or Tel Aviv areas. The top two hot air balloon businesses in Israel, though, offer rides in the Negev and in flatter parts of Israel’s North. It’s not just because these areas are so spectacular to see, which they certainly are.

Up there you are completely at the mercy of air currents. With so much outside of a pilot’s control, taking flight in flatter areas of the country means more steady wind currents. Take off near a mountain or the ocean, and you don’t really know what could come at any given moment. That’s because as air streams of different temperatures meet, they create pockets of rocky gusts of wind. This is not something you want to witness in a basket full of people at 500 meters above the ground.

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Israel  – Floating With The Pros

Both of Israel’s main hot air balloon companies, SkyTrek and Rize Up, feature top grade balloons with all of the latest safety features. Some of the balloons are even international prize-winning models. Their pilots are experienced, and most are veterans of the Israeli Army. If there is one thing Israelis have gotten the hang of, it’s having enormous fun while staying as safe as possible.

Depending on weather conditions, flights generally range from 40 minutes to an hour and a half. These flights usually take place at dawn, when air currents are most stable and the sun isn’t quite as hot. You’re advised to take with you as little as possible for the actual flight— water and a camera or phone will do. A lighter balloon means being able to reach higher altitudes and catching good air currents more easily.

Having Fun Up There Can Be A Breeze

While the safety concerns involved while flying in a hot air balloon are no joke, this is, at the end of the day, an extremely fun adventure for those aboard. SkyTrek and Rize Up offer similar hot air balloon experiences depending on your needs. The romantic trips are taken in smaller baskets that fit a couple and a pilot. Family and business packages feature flights in larger baskets, or several balloons tethered together, depending on the number of people. Both also offer the traditional post-flight glass of champagne.

If you would like to make a whole day of it, SkyTrek has a little more to offer. They have packages that include pampering at a nearby B&B, and flights end with a picnic on the landing ground. They even have a marriage proposal package, and give a gift basket to every passenger to take home as a souvenir.

On your next trip to Israel, the Hot Air Balloon tours are a great way to get a new perspective on Israel’s breathtaking countryside and even some of the wildlife. Be sure to book a flight at one of Israel’s top companies, SkyTrek and Rize Up, for an experience that is sure to leave you walking on air.