You will get a new Israeli cell phone number. However, you could order our Virtual USA number and forward the calls from your personal number, to the number we’ll give you and it will ring on your Israeli phone. You can use your phone as is, with your contacts in it.

Last modified: August 31, 2018

We do not block tethering or changing your phone to a mobile hotspot. So the SIM cards can be used as a personal hotspots.

Last modified: August 29, 2018

Yes, the Nes Mobile Israel SIM Card and the pocket wifi service will stop at the last day at midnight.

Last modified: May 29, 2018

How much is the Israel pocket wifi per day?

There are various plan options for the Israel Pocket Wifi, prices vary based on the duration of your stay, but you can see the full cost, prior after plugging in the dates, before you have to enter any credit card details.

Does the pocket wifi work throughout Israel?

Yes, the Israel pocket wifi works in and out of the city virtually  throughout Israel.

Last modified: December 5, 2017

Yes, whether you use the data for our Israel SIM cards, or the Israel mobile hotspot, all data based apps will work in Israel. This applies both to existing apps on your smartphone, as well as Israeli based apps.

Last modified: December 5, 2017

Yes, Nes Mobile’s Israel SIM card works with an Apple iPhone. Please be sure that your iPhone is unlocked, so that it can accept other SIM cards. The SIM card size for the iPhone 5, 6 & 7, is a Nano SIM card.

Last modified: October 29, 2017

Will My NES Mobile SIM card work outside of Israel? The answer to this question is simple – NO.

Well, technically our SIM cards CAN work outside of Israel if we put you on a Roaming plan, but you may incur HUGE amounts if something goes wrong due to Roaming fees. Roaming plans are good ONLY for the plan they are put on and anything out of this plan will cost a fortune. For instance, if a roaming plan is good for calls made from Europe to Israel, and calls will not be charged for these calls, calls made NOT to Israel will be charged a ridiculous price of ~$6/min.

This is the reason we at NES Mobile try blocking all our SIM’s for International Roaming. However, from time to time, a line can be missed from this Roaming “block” and indeed will be able to work outside of Israel.

Please note: from time to time, a line may be missed from this Roaming “block” and indeed will be able to work outside of Israel.

This is the reason we tell our clients not only to disable the Roaming feature on their phone while traveling abroad but to actually take the SIM out from the phone.

We know it is a bit of a hassle, but better have a bit of a hassle than a 10,000 NIS bill.

How Roaming works

Roaming is much like a lease agreement between providers in which one provider “leases” a permit to use the network for one or more of his roaming clients.

From time to time, the providers run a balance check between themselves and see who owes who and how much.

Calls and or texting during roaming are priced at over 20 NIS per min/text (or part of a minute) which is around $6.

Internet charges are charged by the Kilobyte or Kb for short (there are 1052 Kb in each Mb) for about $0.01/Kb. doesn’t sound much, right? so read on –

doesn’t sound much, right? so read on –

An average word document attachment to an email is about 2 Mb, so in a quick calculation, if you are charged at $0.01/Kb. you will be charged about $20 for this email.

If your phone runs an update to an app – which can be easily 20Mb… you will be charged over $200 for this.

Now you can understand why you hear about people that got home and got a HUGE bill from their provider.

And now you can also understand why we try blocking all our clients from roaming while using our SIM’s.


SOme of our clients travel to Jordan for a day trip passing over the Alenbi Bridge or the Adam Bridge.

Due to the proximity of Jordan to Israel, in some cases, you may have reception on your phone while traveling in Jordan. This is true only when one travels to the Dead Sea area. If you are traveling to Jordan, and your phone connects to the Israeli Network (Cellcom), you are fine.



Last modified: October 3, 2017

We have SIM cards to fit into any kind of phone . When placing an order, please specify which SIM type you need – Nano, Micro or Regular.
Regarding 4G networks – all our SIMs have 4G enabled on them. Whether you will actually enjoy 4G depends on your location in Israel (not all places have 4G), on network availability, and on whether your phone supports 4G. If you do not know your phone’s capabilities, please check online:

Last modified: September 14, 2017

The SIM  will not let me make outgoing calls nor is the internet working. Could you help me set this up or is there a store in Tel Aviv I can visit today?

This message means that your line was shut off.

This happens because your line may have been reported lost or stolen, or your system shut the line due to an unpaid bill. This could also have happened as our carrier may have detected unusual activity on the line.

please note: we keep the lines shut till a day or two before your rental starts and until the day your contracts ends, for security reasons.

If for whatever reason you need to change your start or end date of your contract, please be in touch with us directly via email



Last modified: September 3, 2017

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