Israel Cell Phone RentalWhen cell phones first became popular, most people still managed without a phone on vacation. Phone booths were still prevalent and we were all a bit less dependent on our phones. But these days, it is really difficult to be without a phone even for a week. Making arrangements to meet friends and family is so much easier when you have a cellphone. And when you are standing in front of the restaurant wondering whether they are late or you are in the wrong place, a cellphone can be a lifeline.

Calling ahead to places you plan to visit is also much easier when you have a phone handy. Instead of waiting till you get back to your hotel and all the offices are closed, make your phone calls in a lull between activities.

If you are traveling with your spouse and/or adult children, you will want the option to split up and meet up again easily. Coordinating this without a phone will lead to much frustration.

When you’re in a foreign country, you need much more information than you do at home. Directions, opening hours and recommendations are at your fingertips with a smartphone or a phone call away with a regular phone.

And of course, if you need to stay connected to your workplace while you are away, you will want access to your e-mail. A computer can only be used in certain places and hotels generally charge for wi-fi, so keeping in touch with a smartphone is an excellent option. If you are active on social networks or want to use GPS while driving, you will certainly need a phone.

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