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israel 4G SIM - Birthright Israel - NES Mobile

Get the Right Israel SIM Card Size for Your Phone

All our NES Mobile Israel SIM cards work the same way, they just come in different sizes. Your smart phone, iPad or tablet is designed.

Free Shipping across the USA

If you’re planning on traveling to Israel, order in advance and get FREE SHIPPING in the USA. To ensure timely delivery, orders must be placed at.

Israel Winter - Mountains of Safed

Israel Winter activities

Israel’s comfortable weather allows tourists to enjoy all it has to offer year-round. However, there are some activities that one can only experience in Israel.

Early Bird Special

NES Mobile Holidays Early Bird Special If you’re planning on traveling to Israel, take advantage of the NES Mobile Holidays Early Bird Special. Order early.

Israeli SIM Card Samsung and Nexus

You no longer have to rent a basic phone when you come to Israel. All you need to do is bring your Galaxy, Nexus or.

Israel Cell Phone Travel Tips

Israel Cell Phone Travel Tips If you’re planning to travel to Israel, you have surely taken care of ordering  airline tickets and accommodations. However, many.

Passover SALE - Order 3 lines or more Save 20%

Passover Sale – Family Special

Passover SALE – Order 3 lines – SAVE 20% Passover SALE: Take an additional 20% off daily rental fee on any combination of 3 lines or more. Local.

American Phone in Israel

Can I use an American phone in Israel? A question tourists often forget to ask prior to their departure… Planning a vacation to Israel is no easy.

Google Nexus Tablet Giveaway

That’s right, we are giving away 4 Nexus Tablets to the lucky winners who enter our contest. We are proud of our awesome rates and.