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Deer in the Golan?

Strange as it sounds, there is a small deer forest in the Golan, created by a member of Moshav Odem, who imported deer to create.

Yom Haatzmaut 2013

Despite reports of rainy weather on Yom Haatzmaut 2013, Israelis are gearing up for Independence Day with videos, blog posts and opinion pieces. (Don’t worry,.

Gamla: A Hike Through History

Hiking is a favorite pastime of Israelis and a great activity for visitors. Israel is home to some absolutely breathtaking views. Whether you like to.

Ice City, Jerusalem

Take a Ride Around the World The weather hasn’t decided yet what season we’re in, but if you love winter wonderlands, Israel and fun, you’re.

Free Pesach Activities 2013

Bank HaPoalim sponsors free activities all around Israel every Pesach. They are continuing the tradition this year as well. Tourist Israel has translated the list.

What’s Up with the Weather in Israel?

You may have heard that the  organizers of the Tel Aviv Marathon have announced the race will start half an hour earlier due to the.

Pesach in Israel

Pesach in Israel is special because the whole country is celebrating. Restaurants become kosher for Pesach, hotels are kashered and activities for children and adults.

How to Choose the Israel Phone Plan that’s Right for You

Staying in touch while traveling to Israel is now simpler than it ever was. There are several solutions to stay connected while traveling to Israel.

Archaeological Sites in Israel

Israel is rich in history and archaeology. There is no place on earth where so much ancient history has been dug out of the ground..