Israel Cell Phone Rental - Unlimited Calls & Texts


Staying in touch while traveling to Israel is now simpler than it ever was. Rent a Cell Phone, stay connected, and save money. Tourists to Israel have to be watchful for a potential minefield of hidden fees from the US carriers. Many horror stories can be told of careless travelers who unsuspectingly end up owing thousands of dollars in cell phone roaming charges while traveling when using a US cell phone. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective options to use your cell phone while in Israel. 

Why pay $3 per minute in roaming charges?

Get a low daily rate for unlimited calls to USA & Israel!

The Benefits of an Israel Phone Rental from NES Mobile

Israel Cell phone rentals - Unlimited calls to USA & Israel

Many travelers who come to Israel love to utilize NES Mobile’s services because it gives them an excellent network coverage and unlimited calls to Israel, USA, Canada as well as other destinations.There are many additional reasons why they really adore this device, including some of the following:

  1.  As a tourist, you will be asked to pay a large amount of money for roaming charges if you use your USA provider, but with NES Mobile’s Israel Cell Phone Rental, you will only be charged a low daily rate for UNLIMITED calls!
  2. The NES Mobile Cellular service uses Cellcom’s network, which is the largest cellular network provider in Israel.


Why is NES Mobile Cell Phone Rental The Best In Israel?

  1. NES Mobile has no deposit fees and no hidden fees.
  2. The daily rate for the NES Mobile cell phone rentals already includes the insurance fee.
  3. You only pay for the service when you arrive in Israel. This means that even if the cell phone was delivered to you in the USA seven days before you travel, you will not be obliged to pay, and when you go back home, you will be given a grace period of an additional week to return the cell phone to NES Mobile.

So, when you visit Israel, order the NES Mobile Cell Phone Rental – the best-UNLIMITED cell rental service in Israel.

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