Israel Phones

When you rent a phone in Israel, you want a plan that fits your particular needs. That's why we have multiple plans suited for different types of users. NES Mobile offers Israel phones plans for students studying in the country, and tourists. Review our Israel phones plans for tourists

Israel SIM Card

If you own an unlocked GSM phone (iPhone, Droid, etc.) you don't need to rent an Israel cell phone for your stay in Israel. NES Mobile will provide you with an Israel SIM card, so you can use your regular phone while you are in Israel. Read more about using Israel SIM cards on your unlocked smartphone.

Israel Phone & Israel SIM cards for Tourists and Students visiting Israel

Frequent Visitors

For those come to Israel often, and would like to keep their Israel phone numbers forever. 

Long-Term Visitors

For those spending a semester or a year in a Yeshiva, Seminary, or University in Israel. 5 Month Minimum

Tourists & Travelers

Israel SIM cards, phones and MiFi devices for travelers to Israel on vacation or business trip. 10 Day Minimum

Seeking Partners

Frequent Visitors - If you come to Israel often, and would like to keep your Israel phone numbers forever, and never rent Israel phones again, theNES Mobile's Phone Forever plan, is the plan for you. You never have to bother with phone arrangements prior to each trip to Israel. Keep the same Israel phone number and save money.

If you're spending a semester or a year in a Yeshiva, Seminary, or University in Israel we have the following Israel phone plans for you:


  • Unlimited Packages to Israel, USA & Canada. 

  • Local USA and other International numbers for incoming calls. 

  • Data Packages with unlimited internet and Mifi modems.

  • No Deposits, insurance or any other hidden fees.



If you're planning to travel to Israel we'll help you stay connected. There are several Israel phone solutions to stay connected, keep in touch with friends and family back home, and connect to your favorite sites and apps.


  • Unlimited Packages to Israel, USA & Canada.

  • Local USA Numbers for incoming calls for just $1 / day.

  • Unlimited Internet for laptops, iPads/Tablets.


Tour Operators, Resellers & Affiliates - Offer your customers an excellent Israel cell phone rental and Israeli SIM card service. Ideal for:

  • An Israel related website or travel-oriented website
  • A Jewish/Israel/Holyland Oriented business
  • Part-time work reselling NES Mobile’s services in your local community

NES Moblile has Special arrangements for groups, missions and pilgrims coming to Israel.