Pocket WiFi Rental with Unlimited Internet in Israel

When visiting Israel, many tourists require an unlimited internet connection to stay connected to their loved ones or businesses. Some hotels charge a large fee for the internet connection, which is only available in the hotel and often, the WiFi connection at the hotel will be slow. One small Pocket Wifi Mobile Hotspot (AKA MiFi brand to Novatel Wireless-only products) device can change all that and provide you with unlimited internet connection: A Pocket WiFi Device through which you can have unlimited Internet in Israel. 


The Benefits of a Pocket WiFi

Unlimited Internet in Israel with the pocket Wifi - MiFi

Many travelers who come to Israel love to utilize NES Mobile’s Pocket WiFi rental because it gives them an excellent and unlimited WiFi connection all over Israel.  There are many additional reasons why they really adore this device, including some of the following:


  1.  As a tourist, you will be asked to pay a large amount of money for roaming charges if you use your USA provider, but with NES Mobile’s Israel Pocket WiFi, you will only be charged a low daily rate for UNLIMITED and quick internet connection!
  2.  If you opt to stay in a hotel in Israel, they may charge you as much as $25 per night for just one device that you can only use when you are at the hotel – speed will vary based on occupancy and the hotel connection. However, if you choose to rent NES Mobile Pocket WiFi, you will have great internet connection all around the country (not just in your hotel room). The Mobile Hotspot unit can connect up to 5 devices at once!
  3.  The NES Mobile hotspot uses Cellcom’s network, which is the largest internet provider in Israel.


Why is NES Mobile Pocket WiFi The Best In Israel?

  1.  NES Mobile’s Hotspot offers Unlimited services with no “slow down period”. Unlike other providers that slow down the connection after you use 3-5 GB, with the NES device, there’s no slow-down at all!
  2.  NES Mobile Pocket WiFi can be used even when charging unlike other devices which don’t function while charging naltrexone online eva, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: rgb(105, 105, 105);">the unit; an important advantage when the average battery of a Mobile Hotspot device lasts 3-5 hours.
  3.  NES Mobile has no deposit fees and no hidden fees. Another wonderful thing about the NES Mobile Hotspot is that the insurance fee is already included in the price. Remember that you will only pay for it when you arrive in Israel. This means that even if the Pocket WiFi device is already delivered to you in the USA seven days before you travel, you will not be obliged to pay and when you go back to your place, you will be provided with an additional week before returning the Mobile Hotspot device to NES Mobile.


So, when you visit Israel, order the NES Mobile Pocket Wifi – Mifi that offers the best UNLIMITED internet connection in Israel.

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